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The Adjustments of MTCI & Life

Life will often test you and try you in many ways, we’ve been Sheltered to Stay in place for about 14 days.

They say be careful where you go and watch what you do,

if not the Corona Virus just might be coming to you.

I’ve truly missed my colleagues and really miss my class, I wish Corona would go away and leave really fast.

It has changed the way we do life and teaching in the schools,

not being with our teachers nor students and living the Golden Rules.

At MTCI we’ve adjusted and brainstormed a plan,

to continue to reach our students and do the best we can.

We’re doing our very best to finish strong until the end,

we didn’t see this coming when the school year first began.

We’ve stood through other trials and made it through many of our tests,

we’ll stay focused on the Mission and try to do our very best.

Yes, through Zoom and other media we try reaching students every day,

to teach them that in life there’s always another way,

to make it to success and be to be proud of what you’ve done,

looking back on the challenges of life and realizing that you’ve won.

We are More Than Conquerors, the name speaks for itself, we’ll beat this corona virus and send it to its death.

They ask how have we adjusted and has corona changed our life well, it has given me lots of time to talk and spend with my wife.

We’ve moved some things around to help MTCI reach its goal, I have also grown a beard and now I look old.

Life is what you make it so take each and every day for the test and trials of life will never go away.

— Errol Boyland

More Than Conquerors, Inc.

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