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Students in More Than Conquerors, Inc’s programs learn about The Success Sequence, implementing it into their lives.


The world of entertainment, propaganda, and other cultural pressures teach our youth to act in many destructive patterns which create less than desirable results such as teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, and other factors which affect America’s families in all sorts of negative ways.


We have found that for many of the youth, the programs offered by More Than Conquerors, Inc. are the only place where they receive this sort of information. We provide a healthier option and mindset which runs counter to what our kids’ culture tells them, helping them to improve their lives with better decision making.


The four parts of the Success Sequence are ingrained into everything that we do… to the point of including the four parts into our official logo

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A person’s education is the foundation of their having a healthy life. Fully educated people are paid more in the workplace, and know more about life than their counterparts who have not finished their schooling.

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Having financial stability allows someone to make good decisions about their life. Secure in their ability to lead a successful life, they are free to make decisions based on what is good for them instead of from a position of desperation and weakness.

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Building a life with the right partner joins the resources and strengths of two people united by a common bond with common goals. A strong, healthy marriage makes it possible to deal with life’s challenges successfully and creates a stable environment. 

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Couples in a healthy marriage are in the best position to have children and to raise a family. Their children learn from their parents by example, and develop a more stable moral compass, discerning right from wrong, and healthy behavior from risky actions.

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