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More Than Conquerors, Inc. (MTCI) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, a faith-based ministry formed in 1989 as a community outreach for the people residing in DeKalb County, Georgia. We were charged to serve those who were asking for help with life-controlling problems. Initially, MTCI provided ongoing counseling and weekly support groups. In 1996, a community Social Service Director was appointed. Under his leadership, a community food bank and clothes closet was set up in the Lithonia community. Additionally, financial assistance for rent, utilities, and transportation to social assistance appointments was implemented. A collaboration was established with the South DeKalb Church Coalition of Churches to develop and implement a continuum of social assistance services.


More Than Conquerors, Inc is governed by a six-member Board of Directors. The mission is to improve the capacity of young people in Metropolitan Atlanta to form safe and stable families sustained through a network of support. View our Board of Directors Here


In 1998, MTCI began its adolescent program in response to the numbers of first time and repeat pregnancies among the community’s teens who were presenting themselves and asking for help. The abstinence program directed teens toward understanding their physical, emotional and academic development, while enhancing their resistance skills in regard to participating in unhealthy risk behaviors such as sex, alcohol, and drugs.


We began to participate in community functions that had a youth focus. We joined DeKalb County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Taskforce. This facilitated the collaboration with DeKalb Health Department’s Youth Development program. This partnership allowed access to conferences and programs sponsored by Adolescent Health and Youth Development. Service opportunities expanded to provide education and support to the Drug Court parents on strategies for parental involvement encouraging teens to choose abstinence. The teens were exposed to comprehensive risk avoidance strategies designed to impact character-based decision making. Selection of three high schools (Redan, Cedar Grove, and Lithonia) and two middle schools (Redan and Lithonia) to provide abstinence until marriage education that directed teens toward goal setting, decision making and refusal skills was implemented. Between 1998 and 1999, MTCI managed and delivered programs for local governments and agencies. These included awards from The Status of Health, DeKalb’s Neighborhood prevention project that addressed nutrition in pregnant adolescent with an emphasis on abstinence. Each goal and objective outlined in the prevention project was successfully meet. The financial management and accountability for fund disbursements met the standard established by the funding agency. Periodic reviews were conducted to address regulatory and liability concerns.


In 1999, we formed a partnership with Rockdale Medical Center in an effort to secure federal funding for abstinence education. The Adolescent Health & Leadership Project (A-HELP) @ Rockdale was initiated as an abstinence until and in preparation for marriage education strategy promoting marriage as the best and only legitimate place in which to have and rear children. In the first year, A-HELP was invited to give classroom presentations on teen pregnancy and STDs. In 2000, Teen Centering, which targeted pregnant/parenting teens, began in an OB practices in DeKalb, expanding to Newton County in 2001. In 2003, under the fiscal leadership of Rockdale Medical Center, we receive a one-half million dollars three-year federal grant which afforded expansion into the classrooms for entire semesters system-wide in Rockdale County, and added group homes. During that three-year period, A-HELP reached greater than 5,500 (unduplicated count) students providing them more than 25,000 exposures to abstinence. Additionally, greater than 3,000 subset populations in the community were encountered through mock weddings, abstinence training’s and community events.


In 2004, MTCI received a federal capacity grant which afforded the organization the opportunity to build infrastructures such as organizational development and financial skills. After the completion of that grant, MTCI continued to build the necessary capacity to meet all of the responsibilities inherent in being a fiscal agent.


In 2006, under the fiscal management of Rockdale Medical Center, we again received a federal grant. The Healthy Marriage Grant awarded over two million dollars for five years for the purpose of sharing the value and advantages of marriage and healthy relationships with high school students through the MATURE Project. The project served in 9 venues, which translated to over 50 classes per week and 2,000 students per year. We also we trained and mentored students as peer educators and hosted several community events each year.

MTCI and Rockdale Medical Center enjoyed several years of a mutually beneficial relationship, as MTCI provided the management of community-based projects that provided Rockdale with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to meeting a wide range of needs that go beyond medical treatment for the local population. During the course of this relationship, Rockdale acted as the banker for the projects, accepting all grant funds and dispersing them in accordance with the requests made by MTCI. MTCI provided all of the other supervision, management and direct services for the federally funded grant projects that were offered as a result of this partnership. To prepare for additional grant management responsibilities, the organization forged a relationship with a CPA, established a banking account, as well as accounting and funds management procedures.


In 2006, we also expanded our service delivery by collaborating with ATLAS Ministry, Inc. located in rural Greene County Georgia. We served approximately 300 middle and high school students each semester with our HOPE (Healthy Options for Personal Empowerment) program.


In October 2010, with the collaborative efforts of Morris Brown College and Atlanta Public Schools, MTCI received its first independent funding, whereby the ministry is both the fiscal agent and program provider. This effort will serve at least 1900 youth in S. Cobb County over five years.

In October 2011, MTCI was awarded their second healthy marriage funding opportunity to serve 6,600 youth and young people in five Georgia counties over three years.

In October 2013, MTCI was awarded a federal abstinence education funding to serve 1,200 youth and young people in five Georgia counties over two years. 

In October 2012, MTCI was awarded State funding by the Governor’s Office for Children and Families to provide abstinence education for 300 students in Rockdale County over three years. 





In October 2014, MTCI was awarded a second federal abstinence education funding to serve 700 middle school students in Rockdale County, Georgia over two years.


In 2015, MTCI was awarded State funding by the Department Human Resources to continue abstinence education, while also again being awarded a healthy marriage and relationship grant that will include research for the impact of our endeavor. We are looking forward to many more years of community service for the advancement of positive youth development throughout Georgia as we assist adolescents in navigating the “success sequence” and ascend towards becoming productive in every area of their lives. View all of our current programs HERE.

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