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Always Looking Ahead

During this COVID-19 quarantine, I think back to the several memories I’ve had with the students and my MTCI family over the years. From the mock weddings, college tours and MTCI first, the Community Ambassador Leadership Training Camp. I am really looking forward to what’s ahead. I have always admired and gained so much experience from the process and preparation that goes into planning every event. Everyone is an integral part and piece to the puzzle that pulls everything together. We are a team and we are a family.

My fondest memory is staff development. I thoroughly enjoyed the process with Mr. Errol, David and Antoinette and unofficial committee member Mrs. Freida. The true definition of teamwork. Putting everything together from the biggest of details such as where and when it would be held to the smallest of details such as what will be in the welcome baskets. But also making sure we were learning and team building/bonding at the same time. My fondest memory is and will always be

MTCI’s Staff Development 2019 at Lake Lanier.

Aneesah El-Amin, LMSW, SRAS Case Manager

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