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A little snippet of quarantine life

“Hi everyone!! It’s quarantine day #100…. at least it feels like it LOL 🙂

As you all know, Georgia’s shelter in place order has been extended till mid May. If I must say, despite our current circumstances I am extremely thankful for good health and ultimately waking up everyday!

It’s still so hard to believe that we’re actually experiencing a PANDEMIC but I hope that you all are staying safe and checking on your family & loved ones.

Everyday isn’t perfect. Some days I feel overwhelmed, and some days I run out of things to do!

The key is trying to stay productive, instead of eating the entire refrigerator (hahaha)!

I’ve learned a few new things! I’ve also been exercising more, and reading!

So I challenge you to find YOUR “NEW”. We’re all adjusting, just remember to stay inside, eat healthy, take your vitamins and be there for your loved ones!

To my MTCI Family, you all are missed! There is victory at the end of all this chaos!

Back to the pantry I go! LOL 🙂 Be safe! ”

Ja’lynn Weaver-Dewberry

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