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During this time the term “resiliency” comes to mind. As I’ve interacted with students through Zoom and facilitated classes our teens always seem to make me laugh. I’ve listened to stories of how they’re keeping themselves busy and motivated, as well as the frustrations of trying to stay on top of their work. Their resiliency in dealing with social distancing, virtual classes and even more time with their family is incredible. During this time of pandemic I’ve been reminded to focus on what’s important…your loved ones. Be it your immediate family, co-workers, friends, those whom you gather with on a weekly basis and even for some it’s their pets – but we were created for community! Laughter is like a medicine, and the creative eye that people have has given the world a huge dose as we try our best to laugh and smile our way through these difficult times. At the end of the day I hope that we’ve come to realize who’s truly in control of our lives and when this is over the importance of being the best version of ourselves towards those who we love, who love us and who need our love. I can only imagine the party’s and gatherings that will be had when all of this subsides, but for now…be safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!

Antoinette Gabriel Career Specialist

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