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I’ve never been that technically savvy

The only way I’ve ever been able to overcome challenges is with my faith. I’ve never been that technically savvy. I woke up one morning, and life has dealt yet another challenge worldwide. This wasn’t expected by me in my lifetime, however overcoming challenges and tuff times is a way of life. This caused challenges at home and at work. Keeping my family safe, keeping everyday necessities, and helping others with necessities as well.

For work communication is by telecommute, email, and completing classes virtually with media tools like Zoom. This has truly been a learning experience for me, being exposed to media tools that I wasn’t familiar with.

To complete the last step is yet an opportunity to rise to the challenge. Working with a brilliant group of managers who have devised a plan to complete every step needed for completion. So MTCI rise to the challenge with every intention of finishing strong.

— Darlene Boyland SRAS Resource Mother/Educator

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