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Angel Tree 2019

By Mi’Angel Ragin, PEERsuader

On December 14, 2019, the MTCI PEERsuaders participated in the Angel Tree Toy Drive. The purpose of this event is to give Christmas gifts to the children whose parent or parents are incarcerated. For a little over a month, we collected donations of children’s toys, and gifts to give to the families. We raised close to 200 toys and gifts. During the toy drive I had the opportunity to talk with many of the families and it warmed my heart to be able to make so many people smile and have a wonderful time. Everyone was full of joy and happy to be there. We served a fantastic warm meal of grilled cheese and soup which I’m sure everyone enjoyed to the fullest. My favorite part of the day was playing the games with everyone. We had a wonderful time enjoying every game offered to us. My second favorite part of the day was decorating the Christmas Tree and setting up with my peers. We never fail to have a great time with whatever we’re doing. Every year that I participate in this event it makes me happy to be able to help. Being a part of this event has helped me to understand that not everyone gets to have the same opportunities as others, but those with the opportunities can always give more than they receive. I’m so elated to be able to be a part of something so special, being able to help and put a smile on someone else’s face is what makes me happy. Most Importantly I’m content that we were able to be a blessing to others and help make their Christmas special. As described by Myniah Young, PEERsuader The purpose: The purpose of Angel Tree was to help the families of incarcerated people. Giving their loved ones a Christmas that they could enjoy and have fun with. Toys Raised: The PEERsuaders were encouraged to spread the word to our family and friends about this important event to help with donations. The office of MTCI also provided two large boxes of gifts and goodies. Together we had more than enough for the families we wanted to help. Impact: The Angel Tree toy drive had such a big impact on me and the families that it helped. I was impacted because it was the first time I got to participate in something like that. Seeing the faces of the kids just having fun and seeing the relief on the parents/guardian faces was good and heart warming. The kids looked ecstatic that they could have fun, run around, and play games. It warmed the heart of my brother and I to be a part of a great experience.

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